Bringing Real Estate to the Blockchain

3% of all Chain Estate DAO transaction fees are sent to a token pool used to purchase real estate that members vote on. 100% of the cash flow from these properties are then distributed each month to NFT holders of the real estate.
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How Do I Become a Part of Chain Estate DAO?

Download MetaMask
MetaMask is the #1 Crytocurrency Wallet that you can download as a Google Chrome extension.
Download Here
Purchase BNB
BNB is the official coin of the Binance Smart Chain, and you can buy it many places, including
Swap BNB for CHES
Go to Pancake Swap, an exchange on the Binance Smart Chain, to use your BNB to purchase the Chain Estate Token (CHES)
Hold Tokens for Air Drops
Chain Estate DAO will have monthly air drops starting mid 2022 that reward you based on the number of tokens you have and how long you've had them for.
Purchase Real Estate NFTs
Once the real estate token pool grows enough, we will begin purchasing real estate and releasing NFTs for each property.
100% of cash flow from the properties are distributed to NFT holders. You can also profit from simply investing in CHES as a real estate backed token.
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CHES token contract address:

Txn hash for locking initial liquidity:

Txn hash for locking developer funds:

What is Chain Estate DAO?

What Makes Chain Estate a DAO?

Chain Estate DAO investors will help decide what properties the project invests in. Each time funds are raised to purchase a property, a poll will be released to the community through the polling smart contract, and each member can vote on what property Chain Estate DAO should purchase. Everyone's vote has a weight directly correlated to how many CHES tokens they hold. Our team will be analyzing properties that have great potential and give suggestions to the community based on expert analysis, but ultimately it is up to the community for which properties Chain Estate DAO will acquire. In the future, there will also be another governance smart contract that will replace the polling contract that will allow investors to propose and vote on properties to aquire so a decision can be made end to end without the Chain Estate DAO team.

There is a 5% Transaction Fee When You Buy CHES

These Transaction Fees are Split 3 Ways
60% of the Fees
(3% of each Transaction)
Are sent to the pool used to buy real estate. Properties will be purchased one at a time each time enough tokens are pooled.
20% of the Fees
(1% of each Transaction)
Are sent to the developer wallet. The developers of Chain Estate DAO make no profits from the real estate itself, so this is how the project supports them.
20% of the Fees
(1% of each Transaction)
Are used for marketing - purchasing advertising on Twitter, YouTube, Google, etc. The Chain Estate DAO developer team is committed to pushing for the growth of the project on all platforms imaginable.

Initial Token Distribution

Why Invest in Chain Estate DAO?

Many projects or companies fade away over time, so why is Chain Estate DAO different? The answer is simple. The project is directly tied to the longest lasting market in the world - Real Estate. Over time, property values have consistently gone up and rarely see large price fluctuations.
People always will need a place to live, and because it is getting harder and harder to buy a home, there will always be people looking to rent. Along with that, fears of hyperinflation devaluing currencies is looming, causing people to look towards investments that protect against inflation. Real estate is the perfect option for that.
Because it is physical land and structure, it does not get devalued like currency can. Over the last 100 years, real estate appreciation has outpaced inflation by about 1% per year. When inflation increased from the 2% average per year, so did real estate.

Chain Estate DAO Will Invest in 3 Types of Real Estate

Chain Estate DAO Roadmap