Multi Family Home Overview

Pros and Cons of Investing in Apartment Complexes

A lot of value in one location

Way less painful if one tenant leaves

Extremely expensive

Requires more staffing than just the management team

Realistic Cash Flow Example
Say for example Chain Estate DAO buys an apartment complex for $5,000,000 and there are 50 renters who each pay $750. In that case, the income from the property is $37,500 per month. The insurance is $2500 a month, the property taxes are $4000 a month, and staffing is $5000 a month. Renters will be paying for utilities, so that leaves a total cash flow of $37,500 - $2500 - $4000 - $5000 or $26,000. So if there are 100 NFTs for the property, each NFT will yield a profit of $260. Someone who owns 10 of the 100 NFTs will receive $2,600 a month from the property and will also own 10% of the house with an initial value of $500,000.