Single Family Home Overview

Pros and Cons of Investing in Single Family Homes

Generally appreciates at a higher rate

Not as expensive as multi family homes

Less cash flow than multi family homes/apartment complexes

Only one tenant, so painful if they leave

Realistic Cash Flow Example
Say for example Chain Estate DAO buys the single family home for $500,000 and the renters of the home pay $2000 a month. The insurance is $125 a month and the property taxes are $275 a month. Renters will be paying for utilities, so that leaves a total cash flow of $2000 - $125 - $275 or $1600. So if there are 100 NFTs for the property, each NFT will yield a profit of $16. Someone who owns 10 of the 100 NFTs will receive $160 a month from the property and will also own 10% of the house with an initial value of $50,000.